United States has 'own mechanism' to probe Syria chemical attack

Brandon Parsons
April 12, 2018

Trump also discussed Syria with French President Emanuel Macron, who said Tuesday that France would decide in the coming days on "a strong and joint response" with the USA and Britain to the suspected attack.

White House spokeswoman Sarah Huckabee Sanders said in a statement Tuesday that Trump will not attend the 8th Summit of the Americas in Lima, Peru or travel to Bogota, Colombia as planned. "At the President's request, the Vice President will travel in his stead".

The president's decision to cancel his Latin America trip hints at a possible larger American military operation than a limited strike in Syria.

"I think as more time is going on, that window is closing for some kind of response that's going to make any difference on the ground", Lyons said, noting that it still needs to be proven if it was a chemical attack.

The Syrian government and its Russian backers strongly deny the allegations, and questioned whether a chemical weapons attack even took place.

An angry Trump vented at the White House on Monday that the executed search warrant against Cohen was a "disgrace".

"But we can't let atrocities like we all witnessed. we can't let that happen in our world. especially when we're able to because of the power of the United States, the power of our country, we're able to stop it".

Seven nations - including the U.S. - voted against a Russian resolution that would have set up an investigation overseen by the Security Council.

CGTN's Mike Walter spoke with Daniel Serwer about what options are on the table in response to an alleged chemical attack in Syria. "The United States is determined to see the monster who dropped chemical weapons on the Syrian people held to account".

Russian lawmakers said Moscow would view a US airstrike on Syria as a war crime that could trigger a direct military clash between the two powers.

Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova said any USA missile strike could be an attempt to destroy evidence of the reported gas attack in the Syrian town of Douma, for which Damascus and Moscow have denied any responsibility.

Several hours after the invitation, the OPCW said it will "shortly" deploy a fact-finding team to the rebel-held Syrian town of Douma to probe the alleged poison gas attack.

Saturday's reported chemical weapons attack on civilians prompted global outrage, and led Trump to warn that Russian Federation or any other nation found to share responsibility will "pay a price". Mr. Trump has said publicly that sharing military plans could give enemies information they could use to their advantage.

When he wrote about the Syrian chemical weapon attack Sunday, Jazz noted that the U.S. State Department response seemed to be leaning pretty heavily on Russia's responsibility.

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