Pulse Gunman's Widow Noor Salman Acquitted Of Charges Related To Shooting

Randall Padilla
April 2, 2018

Her family gasped each time the words "not guilty" were pronounced.

Noor Salman, 31, sobbed upon hearing the jury's verdict of not guilty of obstruction and providing material support to a terrorist organization, charges that could have brought life in prison.

Upon being notified that she was not guilty, Salman and a member of her legal team burst into tears.

Salman bowed her head and also wept in alleviation as the decision read, inning accordance with press reporters inside the court room.

"Thank you", she whispered to her attorneys.

" We are really sorry for the member of the family as well as good friends of the 49 targets of the Pulse bar capturing and the survivors of that awful assault", a family members speaker informed press reporters outside the court.

Prosecutors had also accused Salman of falsely claiming that her husband didn't use the internet in their home, that he had deactivated his Facebook account years earlier, that he had one gun when he had three, and that he wasn't radicalized.

"It's Good Friday for everybody", said Al Salman, an uncle. The family has also expressed their sincerest sympathies to those involved in the shooting, but were elated at the outcome of the trial. "I said, day one, that she's innocent and I would stand here in front of you when the jury comes with the verdict to tell you, 'I told you so'".

Mateen was killed in a gun battle with Orlando police during the attack.

Now engaged to marry Murray's brother, she's as close as anyone could be to the tragedy, but she said she wasn't surprised when the wife of killer Omar Mateen was acquitted on Friday for an alleged role in the massacre.

Salman's attorneys argued she was not an accomplice in the case, but a victim.

Salman did not testify in her defense. They said Salman, who was born in California to Palestinian parents, was abused by her husband, who cheated on her with other women and concealed much of his life from her.

Hernandez was shot eight times when Omar Mateen opened fire on the crows. Noor Salman is a mother, not a monster.

Federal Bureau of Investigation special agent Ricardo Enriquez testified that Salman said in several statements to the Federal Bureau of Investigation that Mateen watched jihadi beheading videos, purchased a rifle and ammunition and went to a gun range to practice.

The assailant was Omar Mateen, a 29-year-old American of Afghan descent.

" Noor could go home now to her child", the representative included, "resume her life as well as attempt to get the items from greater than 2 years behind bars".

"I'm in shock. I think that she knew that he was up to something", said Neema Bahrami, an event manager at the nightclub who survived the shooting while his best friend was killed.

"Nothing harmful would come out of her", a friend of Salman's who was identified only as Ms. Ahmed told jurors, according to CNN affiliate WKGM.

Salman was interviewed by authorities for 11 hours, and her IQ score is 84, which makes her "below average in intelligence", Frumkin said.

"On this Good Friday, the family wants to say we're very sorry for the family members and friends of the 49 victims of the Pulse nightclub shooting and also the survivors of that terrible attack", a representative from Salman's family said.

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