Mexico presidential frontrunner blasts Trump call for border troops

Katrina Barker
April 7, 2018

Meanwhile, the caravan of Central American immigrants aiming to reach the United States seeking asylum and refugee status made a decision to stop halfway their journey due to pressure from both the us and Mexican authorities, announcing a change in their strategy.

Another 600 migrants, he said, mostly from El Salvador, Guatemala and Honduras, had already made it to the central city of Puebla for a conference with USA and Mexican immigration lawyers who were due to give instructions on how to seek asylum.

Central American migrants headed to Mexico City late Friday to give thanks to the Virgin of Guadalupe, the last stop for many on a caravan that drew criticism from President Donald Trump.

The country's Senate passed a resolution Wednesday calling on Mexico's government to suspend cooperation with the US on illegal immigration and drug trafficking in retaliation for Trump's move.

Paid for through the $2.5 billion Merida security assistance program launched by President George W. Bush in 2008, the data-collecting effort requires the kind of USA access to Mexican facilities that would have been unthinkable a decade ago.

"If you have a baby on our land, congratulations, that baby is a United States citizen", Trump lamented.

President Donald Trump on Thursday defended what was perhaps his most notorious remark on the campaign trail about Mexicans - a comment that was widely perceived as racist and helped solidify his reputation as an immigration hardliner. Ricardo Anaya, the second favorite in most polls, said that Trump's "hostile act" required "a quick and energetic answer".

The front-runner in the race, Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador, said Trump's scheme was political "propaganda" based on misinformation that aimed to stir up "xenophobia" and "racism".

"We will reach Puebla in different buses".

This year's caravan had about 1,500 migrants at its peak, but people began to leave the group after immigration authorities stalled it in the southern town of Matias Romero and screened men, women, and children following pressure from Trump. Lopez Obrador said Mexico should send a line of white-clad peace demonstrators to the border.

It also declared that 465 migrants had requested transit visas, of which 230 had obtained it while 168 would get another type of visa so they can stay in the country.

Some strategy to ask for asylum from the usa, the others aim to remain at Mexico.

Responding to Trump's ultimatum, Mexico's government takes action against lawless "migrant" militants - but will the U.S. Congress now take responsible action?

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