Hurricane names Harvey, Irma and Maria officially 'retired'

Katrina Barker
April 13, 2018

Harvey, Irma, Maria and Nate have been retired as hurricane names, marking a dubious honor for the 2017 storms that were among the worst ever to lash the Caribbean and United States, the USA oceanic agency said on Thursday.

A total of 86 names have been retired from the Atlantic basin list since 1954.

The 2005 hurricane season, which also saw the most named storms, saw the most names retired with five: Dennis, Katrina, Rita, Stan and Wilma.

- 68 direct deaths in Texas, most caused by a storm in the state since 1919. Irma caused 44 deaths, including seven in the U.S.

The removal also avoids confusion caused by a future storm having the same name. When it hit Puerto Rico, it was still a Category 4, and the strongest storm to hit the US territory since 1928.

Hurricane Nate crossed northeastern Nicaragua and eastern Honduras as a tropical storm, then made landfall on the northern Gulf Coast as a category 1 hurricane.

Hurricane Nate rounds out the list, the ninth hurricane of the season. Nate will be replaced by Nigel.

The 2005 season holds the record for the most names retired because of the devastation they caused.

But when it comes to new hurricanes, you'll never hear them again. Harvey is the second costliest hurricane in USA history (after inflation), behind only Katrina in 2005.

Irma - a Category 5 storm, the strongest designation, wrecked havoc on Caribbean islands; Barbuda was nearly completely destroyed. Maria caused 31 direct deaths with 34 missing in Dominica, and two direct deaths in Guadeloupe. An additional fatality in Panama was due to a "shipwreck", bringing the death toll directly associated with Nate to 45.

Since 1953, Atlantic tropical storms had been named from lists originated by the National Hurricane Center.

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