Facebook delays its home speaker launch during its data crises

Nichole Vega
April 1, 2018

Facebook already has a massive trove of facial data on its many, many users and this latest scandal hasn't done much towards fostering trust in how the company manages that data.

Some companies will delete data if requested, but others choose not to or just can not because they may have shared it with another company.

The news of Facebook's latest data collection comes just a week after data firm Cambridge Analytica was found to have purchased personal details of more than 50 million Facebook users, most of whom did not consent to handing over their information, and was alleged to have used the information to target voters in an attempt to influence the outcome of the 2016 U.S. election.

She and her friend Lili Dzundza are unhappy about Facebook's admission that it admits it collects data from your contact names and telephone numbers, as well as your call lengths and text messages.

Facebook is also under tight scrutiny from the federal government.

In my case, my personal data came in at over a gigabyte, most of it comprised of Messenger exchanges, GIFs, and photos. Facebook vows to encourage "users to review their privacy settings" but does not agree to all the recommendations. These are probably legit, even though I hardly remember a lot of them.

It knows what kind of phone I use, who my provider is, that I live away from my family and that I have friends who are fans of British soccer. At least they can then decide if they want to remain active Facebook users.

Facebook has failed to eliminate discriminatory housing ads from its platform despite promises to do so, a lawsuit filed Tuesday by the National Fair Housing Alliance says. It should go without saying that just because you deleted a messaging thread, it doesn't mean that Facebook doesn't necessarily have it stored, as I found out.

But before doing so, the young mechanical engineer suggests using this change to overhaul the relationship between a person and their phone, social media, and the Internet in general.

This lack of transparency is a big part of what is causing Facebook so much trouble.

Facebook lists an absurd number of pages and groups that I've become a fan of and joined; 376 pages and 89 groups.

Facebook estimated that the ad would reach 1.2 million people, the group reported.

The reason, he explained, is that Apple doesn't monetize its customers' data.

Tough times for Facebook-and they're only getting worse.

It was still a little unsettling to scroll through some of the results, particularly my recent history of interacting with ads - information that Facebook says it only retains for a certain period of time.

Facebook shares two-year-old anonymized data on billions of friendships between countries with Cambridge researcher Aleksandr Kogan and co-authors a research paper with him (published in 2015). Perhaps in an effort to slow the tide, Zuckerberg has agreed to testify before the House Commerce Committee in April.

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