BLACK ADAM Should Begin Filming in 2019, According to THE ROCK

Nick Sanchez
April 12, 2018

Rampage is based on a cult video game from the Eighties in which three enormous beasts lay waste to a pixellated cityscape, but it has clearly been devised as a bespoke Johnson project, playing to the former wrestler's obvious action-star strengths while shearing off anything that might slow down the ride.

It's worked before, and with Dwayne Johnson on the poster, Warner Bros. hopes it can work again.

That being said, it's nice to know the the studio has an actor like Dwayne Johnson on board and we're looking forward to seeing what he ends up bringing to the franchise. It's not quite a kaiju version of Clifford the Big Red Dog, but it's close - except George, who communicates predominantly in sign language, occasionally edges into an eye-rolling elementary school humor that may cause your mileage to very. There isn't anything much at stake here, and when the movie tries to get sentimental about Okoye's feeling for George, it becomes static and empty. But trouble drops by in the form of a canister of experimental nerve agent called CRISPR, which falls into his enclosure from an exploding space station, and sends George's growth rate and temper into overdrive. This makes the formula's effect on him seem more like 'roid rage than the horrific evolution that befalls the wolf and the crocodile.

Rampage marks the third collaboration for Johnson and director Brad Peyton, after their family-friendly 3D adventure sequel Journey 2: The Mysterious Island and the natural disaster thriller San Andreas. Okoye must team with disgraced scientist Kate Caldwell (Naomie Harris) to get hold of an antidote, one that can only be obtained from the Chicago-based headquarters of the corporate company behind the original experiment.

Jeffrey Dean Morgan deserves better than this. Jeffrey Dean Morgan is a smirking, drawling hoot as a special agent drafted in by the government to clean up the mess. But you can't say the filmmakers didn't meet their mandate. Johnson, unfortunately, has to pull most of the weight charm-wise as the majority of the cast add nothing to the story.

She said: "I would love that".

Dwayne Johnson has revealed that he thinks his solo "Black Adam" movie will begin filming at some point in 2019. So if you're finding that your usual techniques aren't working so well anymore (or you just don't know where to start), it may be worth checking in with a mental health professional. That's a testament to the CGI, which is really top notch.

Rampage would probably struggle to stand out in the upcoming summer movie seasons next to films that, by the look of them, are better crafted and offer more substance to go with their spectacle.

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