Apple Is Reportedly Working on Touchless and Curved iPhone Screens

Lena Tucker
April 6, 2018

This is why you might see future iPhones with touchless gesture controls and curved screens, according to a new report. However, arch-rival Samsung has been introducing those newer technologies before Apple, though in a slightly uncooked state - whether it is the bezel-less display or iris scanner-based security verification.

Gurman, who's renowned for Apple scoops, compared the touchless control feature to Samsung's Air Gestures function for Android - which lets users answer calls and browse web pages by waving their hand across their handset.

The report, published Wednesday, says Apple is looking into these radical changes in order to differentiate in the crowded smartphone market.

Apple has released a handful of tutorial videos that show new iPad owners how to proficiently use their new tablet.

The gesture support would allow you to place your finger close to the screen and perform certain tasks. The advantage of such a display would presumably be to make it less prone to scratches, with the main bulk of the display sitting away from the top and bottom edges. In February, Sony demonstrated a 120-inch display at Integrated Systems Europe 2018 that uses microLED and Crystal LED technologies. A curved iPhone may be as little as two to three years away, the person said.

These two features will not arrive in this year's iPhones. Judging by the description of the display, the phone is likely to have a rather large screen and an OLED panel, given that only OLEDs can curve easily.

Apple often moves slowly to adopt new technologies.

Even Apple's new iPhone X, which introduced new facial recognition technology and a almost all-screen front, failed to universally impress reviewers. In order to keep up with demand and also become less reliant on Samsung, Apple will also be sourcing from LG Display for upcoming models.

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