You'll soon be able to upgrade from Windows 10 S for free

Nichole Vega
March 11, 2018

Microsoft confirmed yesterday that it plans to turn Windows 10 S to a special "S Mode" in the regular version of the Windows 10 operating system.

S Mode will be available on all new computers with Home Windows 10 or Windows 10 Pro after the upcoming major update.

Previous rumors suggested that Windows 10 Home users will be able to disable S Mode free of charge, while users of Windows 10 Pro with S Mode would have to cough up $49 to get the full version of Windows 10.

The real reason Windows 10's at Microsoft referred to the fact that another version of the OS has caused confusion among users and customers who didn't understand what revision suits them best.

Do you remember Windows 10 S?

This news comes straight from Microsoft VP Joe Belfiore, who tweeted it out last last night, stating, "Next year 10S will be a "mode" of existing versions, not a distinct version".

Microsoft's Windows 10 S FAQ has explained that switching from Windows 10 S to Windows 10 Pro is a one-way switch.

It's also worth considering the timing of the next Windows 10 update, which probably means northern Autumn 2018. One of the largest gaps in app store coverage is the lack of choices for internet browsers; Windows 10 S users are pretty much stuck with the Edge browser bundled with the OS.

With the public availability of Windows 10 in S Mode, it would be easy for customers to take advantage of the security involved in the current technology arena. Despite introduction on the expensive Surface Laptop shown above, Windows 10 S has primarily been found on low-priced machines for the education sector. Windows 10 S also pushed users towards Microsoft's first-party apps and services as there is a lack of 3rd party alternatives available on its store.

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