Should work together to make world TB-free, says Mamata

Brandon Parsons
March 24, 2018

However, TB is still far from being eradicated and the endemic of drug-resistant TB now poses a serious threat. The patient needs to follow a thorough line of treatment with regular follow-ups with the concerned doctor to cure TB completely.

Can you tell me a bit about what you are working on at moment?

Interruptions can exponentially raise the patient's risk of developing multidrug-resistant tuberculosis (MDR-TB), which is harder to treat. Moreover, there's a worrying lack of research into new drugs: just five in the current TB pipeline compared to dozens in development for hepatitis C and HIV. "However, the number of TB cases in Reading is still unacceptably high". There is a vaccine, the BCG vaccine, but it is used for children as it doesn't seem to prevent the disease in adults.

While the overwhelming popularity of mobile phone technology can rightly be seen as a sign of a people in touch with modern trends, tuberculosis continues to be a major cause of morbidity and mortality in Kenya. Early diagnosis is crucial for the treatment of TB.

An estimated 600,000 people every year develop a resistant form of TB that requires an arduous, poorly effective, two-year treatment that involves eight months of injections, 15,000 pills, and harsh side effects, including deafness, psychosis, and neuropathy. However, there is now finally some activity.

One of the obstacles to treating TB is the long treatment process. These drugs are now only used in adults, as no safety studies have been conducted to assess their suitability in children.

The new rules are aimed at improving TB surveillance and ensuring cases of TB are not underreported, according to The Telegraph. We are now running two clinical trials, endTB and TB-PRACTECAL, in partnership with leading medical organizations. This can be through laboratory culture or DNA amplification. The other approach is to evaluate the host response to the organism using host immunological diagnostics.

It is apt that the theme for this year's World TB Day, which is observed on 24 March, is "Wanted: Leaders for a TB-free World".

"Now is the time to make commitments become actions, we need increased and sustained financing", Mr. Tedros spelled out, calling World Tuberculosis Day an opportunity "to mobilize political and social commitment for accelerated progress to end TB".

A tuberculosis patient holds his medication at a treatment centre in New Delhi, India. "A TB-free world is a wonderful service to humanity", PM Modi tweeted. About a year ago, a state statute was adopted to make all positive TB tests reportable to the NMDOH. A health exhibition with educational activities is being staged at a shopping mall in Diamond Hill today and tomorrow (March 25) to promote messages on the prevention of TB to the public. Everyone should get angry that there are still no solutions to this disease.

The NTBP says that the persons most susceptible to the disease are those with weak immune systems, and these include persons with HIV; those who had the infection in the last two years; persons who have diabetes or cancer, abuse alcohol or illegal drugs, or received incorrect treatment for a TB infection in the past; and the very old.

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