Putin denies allegations of Kremlin-directed Russian meddling in U.S. election

Katrina Barker
March 11, 2018

The White House director of cybersecurity, Michael Daniel, was reportedly alarmed when he learned that Russian hackers had infiltrated critical election infrastructure in several USA states. The Russian president replied in the negative, and added that he never tweets.

"Even though this is his first term as President, he is a quick study, and he understands perfectly well that trading accusations or insults at our level is a road to nowhere", Putin said.

Special Counsel Robert Mueller is conducting a wide-ranging investigation to determine whether President Donald Trump's campaign colluded with Moscow to help elect him.

He claimed it was not Russia's "goal to interfere" and appeared incredulous at the charges, asking, "Could anyone really believe that Russian Federation, thousands of miles away.influenced the outcome of the election?"

Putin just used Megan Kelly, nine days before his re-election (he can not lose) to tell his own people Tatars and Jews living in Russia with Russian citizenship are not Russians. We don't see what goal we can reach by doing something like that.

With nuclear tensions at a high between Russian Federation and the West, Vladimir Putin has said that he is willing to destroy the world - but only if Russian Federation is threatened. Last year, The Washington Post reported that when they were faced with the question of how best to respond to Russia's meddling, one senior official told the outlet, "I feel like we sort of choked".

He said U.S. authorities should send Russia's general prosecutor an official request.

Putin also slammed the crippling sanctions the USA has imposed on Moscow in light of the activity. "The US imposed sanctions on us", he said.

Daniel and Wallander then laid out a number of aggressive options, including targeting the Russian intelligence community and Russia-linked actors through a string of NSA-backed cyberattacks; leaking classified intelligence revealing the financial activities of Putin and his family members; and announcing a joint US-NATO "cyber exercise" to make clear to Russia that the US and the West was capable of crippling the entire country.

He has also declined to attack Putin directly on the issue, instead hinting that he was giving the Kremlin leader the benefit of the doubt, according to NBC.

In a two-hour video documentary released in his native Russia, Putin said that he would give the order to launch if Russia was threatened with nuclear missiles.

A former senior Obama administration official involved in White House deliberations on Russian Federation has since said: "I feel like we sort of choked". "Donald is a more modern individual".

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