President Trump Spoke to Witnesses About Their Interviews With Mueller

Katrina Barker
March 10, 2018

Donald Trump reportedly talked to multiple witnesses in special counsel Robert Mueller's investigation about his probe into possible Trump campaign ties to Russian Federation. But that New York Times story, plus a Washington Post scoop about an apparent attempt to build a back channel between the Trump transition team and the Kremlin, provide more evidence that Mueller is conducting a broad, deep and significant investigation.

Mueller's investigators have interviewed a wide range of present and former Trump officials, including former White House chief of staff Reince Priebus.

The president's attorneys also anticipate an interview with special counsel would largely remain focused on the controversial firings of former Federal Bureau of Investigation director James Comey and one-time national security advisor Michael Flynn.

A headline like "Trump Spoke to Witnesses About Matters They Discussed With Special Counsel" can seem boring in comparison.

Sources close to the president said they do not believe this could be deemed as any form of witness intimidation because the conversations happened after the individuals met with the special counsel team and were not substantive in nature.

Beyond weighing strategies to hurry the conclusion of the investigation, Trump's lawyers are also reportedly considering ways to strike an agreement with the special counsel "on the scope of his questioning of the president", other sources familiar with the matter told the Journal.

President Trump has repeatedly denied any collusion with Moscow, long slamming Mueller's investigation as a "witch hunt". The president called that Times report "fake news". The president is "eager to see the investigation wrap up as quickly as possible, describing it as a distraction that is hurting the country", the report continued.

It's unclear how Mueller would even react to this deal, though the Journal notes legal experts are "skeptical".

Comey says he was sacked after Trump asked him to back off a Justice Department investigation into Flynn.

"Someone could walk in the door on the day before their proposed deadline and say, "I've got some information that's going to blow your minds" [and] Mueller's going to say, "Oh, too bad, the deadline's tomorrow"?"

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