Alexa may be able to translate languages in real

Lena Tucker
March 3, 2018

Amazon was not immediately available to respond to comment. It would ideally have an understanding of Japanese culture as well and would incorporate that knowledge into its translations.

Citing "several sources familiar with the matter", Yahoo Finance reports that the engineering team responsible for Alexa is "seriously exploring" adding language translations and other capabilities that could benefit different languages and cultures.

Amazon, which now offers AI translation as a service for developers, does not now provide cultural context or understanding through Alexa.

While widespread, it doesn't appear to be affecting all Alexa users. All good stuff, though one potentially game-changing skill that is coming to Alexa is real-time language translation. Despite the issues, you can still control your smart appliances by using the Alexa app. UPDATE:The nation's largest carrier, Verizon, is also having problems today. The Pixel Buds' real-time translation feature received mixed reviews.

Alexa is already capable of translating short terms and phrases from Spanish, German, Italian, French, and English into native languages.

Fifty-one percent of users who reported an issue said they were experiencing troubles with the connection to the server, while 39 percent said they could not log in. The chip is expected to power Alexa's artificial intelligence features, and may be a component for whenever the real-time language translation service will be rolled out.

For years people have dreamed about creating the real-world Babel Fish, that lovely creature imagined by Douglas Adams as being able to automatically translate all languages in real time.

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