What To Expect From The PS4 5.50 Update

Lena Tucker
February 7, 2018

Notifications will be sent to the player about the impending cut off allowing them to find a place to save, but there's also the option for an immediate sign out as well. In the meanwhile, details on what the update will include have been revealed.

The introduction of the Play Time Management feature seems to be the highlight of the update, letting family members track the play time of the child family members on PSN. If parents are feeling generous, they can extend play time from a smartphone or computer.

For example, a parent can decide that their child is allowed to play their console for a total of two hours each day, but not play at all after 10pm. The system is set up to notify your child during gameplay so that he/she knows when they should save and quit. This allows accounts listed as family managers to manage playtime for child accounts. This feature makes it easier to see what games have been purchased but not installed. A PS Plus tab will also be added, showing what games are in your library via PlayStation Plus. You can hide content like betas, trials, and demos. The PS4 section lists all of the apps and games now installed on the console, while the tab with your avatar and name shows what has been purchased with your PSN account.

The PS Plus tab will show every game that users own from PS Plus' Monthly Free Games. There's also a section where you can see which games you only "own" through PlayStation Plus.

Update 5.50 will include various enhancements to the Quick Menu.

Users will be able to access friends from their custom list via a pulldown menu under the Friends tab and see their online status. On the Media Player or the USB Music Player, Triangle works as the shortcut for play or pause. If you're a longtime subscriber, there's a good chance you've racked up an unwieldy number of games that add clutter to your game library. Notifications can be deleted at the press of a button.

This includes the ability to import images via USB and then modify pictures to get the ideal look. This is found under Settings Themes Select Theme Custom Select Image USB Storage Device.

While custom wallpapers were previously implemented to some extent, the PS4 5.50 update allows users to import any issue they'd like to apply as the PS4 background.

Events Teams select your team Edit Team Profile. Sony describes it as: "Certain games already have the "supersampling" benefits as part of their "PS4 Pro Enhanced" feature set, but this new mode can enhance the experience for those games that don't already have the feature".

For PS4 Pro gamers, the firm is adding a new "supersampling" mode, which boosts the visuals for gamers still operating on 1080p TVs.

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