Trump Supporters Fumed over Twitter's Purge of Suspected Bots

Nichole Vega
February 23, 2018

A full breakdown of the changes can be found in the Twitter Rules and Automation Rules.

Some have pushed for right-leaning Twitter users to ditch the platform altogether and move to Gab, a social media site that "champions free speech, individual liberty, and the free flow of information online", according to its site. While the list is substantial, it can be summarised as below.

Going forward, developers will be banned from using any system that simultaneously posts "identical or substantially similar" tweets from multiple accounts simultaneously. Twitter suggests auto retweeting content from one account to another as an alternative, but this isn't allowed in very high volumes.

Twitter, of course, contests that it's targeting anything except spam and automated accounts.

In some cases, Twitter will ask a suspicious user to confirm a phone number so that they can make sure that a human is running the account. Third-party developers will have until March 23 to comply the the new rules.

For starters, TweetDeck previously allowed a user to craft a single tweet and simultaneously send it out to multiple accounts- some would have more than 100 accounts- just at the click of a button.

Twitter's bots are thought to have played a major role in spreading divisive content in the run-up to the 2016 USA election.

Conservative users who lost followers say that - among other things - they're being targeted and that Twitter is trying to silence certain voices. Soon after, the hashtag #TwitterLockOut was trending on the platform.

On the flip side, progressive users say Twitter doesn't do enough to stop harassment against women and people of color.

The BBC on Wednesday reported of massive accounts shutdown, in what Twitter termed as a crackdown on malicious accounts.

Twitter made substantial changes today that will greatly impact social media managers who oversee multiple accounts and use automation apps to manage their Twitter activity. This should only be done from a small number of distinct accounts that you directly control.

"Since June 2017, we've removed more than 220,000 applications in violation of our rules, collectively responsible for more than 2.2 billion low-quality Tweets", Twitter said last month.

"Our work indicates a lot of the more conservative Americans were consuming more junk news", she explained.

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