Trudeau meets Punjab chief as India tour continues

Katrina Barker
February 22, 2018

According to reports, Singh also interacted with other Canadian cabinet members including three Sikh ministers, who are accompanying Trudeau. He failed to meet Sajjan when the Canadian minister visited the state previous year.

Besides the Trudeau-Amarinder meeting, which had remained uncertain till Monday evening, the other highlight was the Chief Minister meeting Sajjan, who was born in Punjab's Hoshiarpur district and is the first Sikh to handle the defence portfolio of a western country.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau says he made it "very, very clear" to the chief minister of Punjab that Canada supports a united India and condemns violent extremism, describing repeated allegations from the leader of the predominately Sikh region that Canadian ministers are separatists as misunderstandings and extremely false. The Canadiam PM also visited Sabarmati Ashram in Gujarat during his visit.

Canadian Prime Minister upped the ante when he wore a bright shiny golden sherwani with a quintessential red dupatta for a meeting with the Bollywood stars.

The U.S. president's son had the red carpet rolled out for him upon his arrival in India, with his visit preceded by an advertising campaign and tickets for a dinner with Trump Jr. auctioned off. He recently met up with many Bollywood celebrities and businessmen, accompanied by his wife Sophie and kids, Xavier and Ella.

Amarinder Singh would also interact with six ministers accompanying Trudeau after the one-to-one meeting between the two leaders.

For the sake of the bright future of two democratic countries with robust economies and shared values, one hopes this visit by Trudeau serves both India and Canada well.

The Trudeau's visit has been called "usual" by veteran diplomats and criticised by a Canadian watchdog. When asked about the cold reception by a journalist during one of the gatherings, Trudeau quickly shot back: "I have met with the prime minister in various places around the world and looking forward to sitting down with him on Friday". Meanwhile, Canada's High Commissioner to India had to apologise after India reacted sharply when a former CRPF officer was initially denied entry at Vancouver airport on the grounds that he had served a government that engaged in "terrorism, systematic or gross human rights violations, or genocide".

Earlier in the day, Punjab Cabinet Minister Navjot Singh Sidhu expressed confidence that the meeting would not only strengthen the ties between both the countries but would also help to transform them.

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