Smugglers Blamed After Five Migrants Shot In Calais

Nick Sanchez
February 3, 2018

Local prosecutors also claim there was a separate clash later at an industrial site where more than 100 Eritreans fought around 20 Afghans, some armed with iron rods.

Gunshots rang out as a group of Eritreans brawled with Afghans on the northern French coast.

France's interior minister Gerard Collomb said he was on the way to the port town to deal with the emergency.

"Mr. Macron said the Sandhurst Treaty signed on Thursday - the first joint treaty on the Calais border in 15 years - would "enable us to improve the relationship and the management of the joint border" and reduce the time taken to process migrants.It would mean the time taken to process migrants hoping to come to the United Kingdom from Calais, would be reduced from six months to one month for adults and 25 days for children". It came weeks after Britain promised millions of pounds in extra border control support.

France Regional Manager Annie Gavrilescu said the brawl, "tragically shows the true extent of the suffering" gangs operating in Calais can cause, "pitting communities against each other for gain, while displaced men, women and children in Calais are barely surviving in the most inhumane conditions.".

Violent clashes between migrants are common in Calais where thousands from Africa and the Middle East lived in "the Jungle" camp in poor conditions before it was dismantled by authorities in 2016.

Calling situation "unacceptable", Calais Mayor Natacha Bouchart said she asked Collomb to "expel the troublemakers".

Authorities say around 600 migrants are in the Calais region, though humanitarian groups put the number at 800. "Such acts can not be repeated", she told BFM TV. "Every time you arrest 10 people, another 10 fill the void".

Mr Collomb said that minors applying for asylum in Britain would be automatically moved to shelters around France.

It is claimed the fighting began after an Afghan fired a gun, resulting in clashes for nearly two hours between around 100 Eritreans and roughly 30 Afghans, who had been waiting for food.

Asked about the grim conditions in the area of what was the Calais Jungle, the minister said that "those who want to stay here illegally - it's not possible", according to Le Monde.

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