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Nichole Vega
February 3, 2018

For some context, the Wii U launched in 2012 and was sunset in 2017. Now it seems like the Japanese gaming firm plans to hold on to the 3DS for a little while longer.

To help soften the blow of having to pay for a now free service, Nintendo Switch Online will also allow users to download a classic collection of games that have been modified to include online play. That's significantly less expensive than Sony and Microsoft's online services, which run about $60 when purchased one year at a time. The first three titles revealed to be part of that collection are Super Mario Bros 3, Dr Mario, and Balloon Fight. Bayonetta 2 the game became an exclusive property of Nintendo as the game was launched only for Nintendo consoles.

First up, the company has explained that it expects the Nintendo Switch's lifespan to outlive that of traditional generations.

Kimishima hopes that the Switch will continue to be sold beyond the next 5-6 years.

What do you think of Nintendo supporting Switch for a long period of time? If a small percentage of PlayStation 4 owners buy a game, it's still a lot of sales. The latest figures reported that 7.23 million Switches have now been sold since its launch last March. Comment below, let us know. What is interesting however, is the fact that while Nintendo has a good track record for extending their support for handhelds, they aren't as great at continuing support for consoles. The whole process looks pretty free-form, and players can check out the game in the trailer we've featured below.

Pretty much all of these are classics from adored franchises. Better still: Most of those games are very good.

Nintendo says the project will be led by Shigeru Miyamoto, who designed Mario and The Legend of Zelda, among other popular games, and Chris Meledandri, whose famous works include "Despicable Me". Pokémon is a super obvious one that tons of people would gladly pay for. This was announced by the official Nintendo Twitter account.

These sales charts appeared at Nintendo's most recent financial presentation.

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