Pelicans agree on deal to trade for Bulls forward Nikola Mirotic

Jonathan Hernandez
February 3, 2018

The Bulls will also reportedly acquire veteran guards Tony Allen and Jameer Nelson from the Pelicans.

We've got breaking news in Chicago: the Bulls have traded Nikola Mirotic.

The Bulls' wheeling and dealing will not stop there, according to a report.

Such cost-controlled rookie contracts are invaluable to an organization with limited flexibility, and at some point the Pelicans are going to need to add young talent to the roster.

Bulls will absorb Asik's contract, which has three years left at an average of $11.5 million per year.

Mirotic is averaging a career-best 16.8 points and 6.4 rebounds. Mirotic had blocked a similar version of the trade on Tuesday when they didn't guarantee picking up the option. Whatever ends up being the case there, it's a near certainty that New Orleans will soon have a versatile and risky frontcourt regardless of who starts and who comes off the bench as they look to make some noise in the Western Conference playoff race.

Fighting through the awkwardness and resentment, it has been understood and seen from his play that Mirotic did everything in his power to act as a professional after the unfortunate events, but in the end, he wanted out and the Bulls made it happen.

We'll update this post if any further details emerge. That led to the Bulls now boasting a new $12.5-million trade exception, which they have exactly one year to use. That's a smart play if dumping Mirotic for a good return was as important to the Bulls as it appears to be. Of course, they obtained that record in large part due to DeMarcus Cousins, who suffered a ruptured Achilles' tendon last week - the reason the Pelicans dealt for Mirotic. Tellingly, when asked about waiving players, Paxson said a week remains until the February 8 deadline.

New Orleans completed the deal when they guaranteed the team option of $12.5 million on Mirotic's contract for next season that gave the Bulls the ability to trade Mirotic without his permission, said league sources. And finding the right pairing may very well be the issue this time around, just as it likely was in trade talks involving Nikola Mirotic.

Also, according to Shams Charania, the Bulls are waiving Quincy Pondexter to help accommodate for all of the moving pieces.

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