McDonald's Investigates 'Rick & Morty' Szechuan Sauce Fiasco With Brilliant Podcast 'The Sauce'

Nick Sanchez
February 23, 2018

Now, this is still a limited run, but with 20 million packets, it will hopefully last a bit longer than the last batch.

On Monday, February 26, every McDonald's across America will start serving Szechuan sauce, according to Business Insider.

The return of Szechuan sauce, which was originally created to promote Mulan almost 20 years ago, is arriving more than four months after a botched and limited promotion led to riots at McDonald's stores across the country and many angry fans. Additionally, McDonald's has partnered with Gizmodo and The Onion to produce a series of podcasts documenting what happened with the first attempt to bring the sauce to the people.

McDonald's tried and failed to ride the hype wagon that is "Rick & Morty", and now the company poking fun at themselves with a brilliant series of podcasts taking a deep dive into the nightmare franchise locations around the country faced when they didn't have enough szechuan sauce.

"We did not anticipate the overnight crowds, the cross-state travel and the awesome curiosity, passion and energy fans showed", McDonald's said.

McDonald's is bringing back its wildly popular Szechuan dipping sauce after a year of public outcry.

"We disappointed fans and we are sorry".

McDonald's capitalized on it with a stunt on October 7, but the sauce was only available for one day at a few locations.

Driving demand as well, was the super-sized bottle McDonald's gifted to the creators of the Adult Swim show.

The sauce was a limited-time menu item in the 90's.

To commemorate this announcement, McDonald's has launched a new website called We Want the Sauce detailing the announcement, along with a podcast that looks into the unusual way a sauce released almost 20 years ago has had such a big impact. The condiment with a cult-like following will be available at all McDonald's locations in the USA while supplies last.

Not like October 7, when thousands of fans went home hungry. In a third season episode, lead character Rick Sanchez has a meta moment when he tells his grandson, Morty, that he wants "that "Mulan" McNugget sauce, Morty".

Police were called to break-up protests outside some locations after receiving reports of customers jumping onto counters and screaming for Szechuan.

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