Google launches Snapchat-style Stories for content publishers

Lena Tucker
February 14, 2018

Little else has been disclosed on the website, but a few examples of AMP stories are already featured. The goal, according to the search giant, is to make email more engaging, actionable, and interactive.

The new "AMP for Email" project, announced this morning, expands the reach of the AMP framework, a stripped-down version of HTML created by Google, Twitter and other companies to make mobile web pages load faster. The open source AMP framework, which is created to enable blazing-fast and efficient mobile web pages, is now used by 31 million domains. This format also attracts young generation through this story format as Google has adopted this style from Snapchat and everyone knows that Snapchat has mostly young users under its umbrella.

With AMP for Email feature, user will be able to quickly take actions like submit an RSVP to an event, schedule an appointment, or fill out a questionnaire right from the email message.

Help us report on Google's plans, Accelerated Mobile Pages technology (AMP), and how email might change in the future. In case you're interested for a preview, you can get developer preview access to AMP for Email in Gmail by signing up through Google.

Google brings AMP Stories to Google Search to deliver visually rich content
Google launches AMP Stories to take on Facebook and Snapchat

Google's project is geared at companies who rely on email, such as newsletters, to provide real-time information to their subscribers.

"For example, imagine you could complete tasks directly in an email". Now AMP isn't only focused on mobile webpage speed, but also getting users to interact with content in an email, when they otherwise wouldn't have been inclined to click an outbound link.

"Because AMP for email is an open spec, we look forward to seeing how other email clients will adopt it, too", added Sahney. The idea is for this format to offer new, creative and visually rich ways of storytelling specifically designed for mobile, wrote Rudy Galfi, product manager for AMP at Google, in a blog post.

While you won't see this feature in your Gmail inbox just yet, it will roll out "later this year", Sahney added - though it's unclear exactly when that will be.

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