Gmail Go for low-end Android devices now available

Lena Tucker
February 16, 2018

Sitting alongside, rather than outright replacing the default Gmail app available for Android, iOS, and other devices, Gmail Go is the latest in the search giant's line-up of pared-back "Go" edition software. Up until now, Google release YouTube, Assistant and Gboard for Android smartphones that pack less than 1GB RAM. This is what makes the Gmail Go work smoothly on the Android Go phone size despite its smaller memory. Gmail Go displays the messages from friends and family first, while social and promotional emails are categorized neatly for when you have time. But overall, there doesn't seem to be too many noticeable differences between the two apps, in terms of feature set. This operating system also contains lite versions of the main Google apps and services, so even applications can run smoothly on low-end phones and devices which are going to become obsolete with the standard Android versions. In the case of Gmail Go, it means that you probably won't be able to install it on your regular Android device. It also has multiple account support even for non-Gmail addresses like Yahoo, Outlook, IMAP/POP email accounts. The light version provides almost the same experience as the regular Gmail app, but the APK size is much smaller: 9.51MB vs 20.66MB. Android Police reported that the size of app is 24.80MB compared to 47.28MB for the regular app.

The Gmail Go app comes with smart inbox section which keeps all the email that you receive well organised just like the original Gmail app.

The company mentioned in a description, "The Gmail you love, now lighter and just as fast". Lastly, Gmail Go has launcher app shortcuts as well which will let you straight away jump to any of your account inboxes or composing a message. Interestingly, with Gmail Go you can read and respond both online & offline.

Opening an email loads the entire contents, including images, and gives the same options as the regular app, including reporting as spam, unsubscribing, marking as important, and moving to another label.

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