African Migrants Injured in Italian Shooting

Katrina Barker
February 5, 2018

A man draped in an Italian flag has shot at least six dark-skinned foreigners in a drive-by rampage in Macerata, central Italy.

The attacker also fired shots at an office of the ruling Democratic Party in the town.

Residents had been told to stay inside during the shooting and public transport was halted.

Cops busted Traini, 28, as he tried to run from his black Alfa Romeo 147 in the city's center. Onlookers said he made a fascist salute before being handcuffed. - "Long live Italy!" witnesses said. The suspect had been a candidate for the anti-immigrant Northern League party in municipal elections previous year, according to a party spokeswoman.

At least two men were in the vehicle that carried out the drive-by shooting according to Italian news reports.

Local media are linking the attack to the murder of an 18-year-girl whose dismembered body was found in two suitcases last Wednesday.

Police said one of the six victims was seriously hurt and needed surgery but gave no further details.

Police said a suspect was held two hours after the shooting began at about 11 a.m.local time.

"What was this maggot still doing in Italy?"

Matteo Salvini, Lega's leader, condemned Saturday's shootings.

Mayor Romano Carancini told Sky TG24 that the victims were five men and one woman. This is obviously a grave fact. Police found a gun in his auto. Traini planned his attack but acted alone, officials said.

Right-wing politicians campaigning ahead of national elections on March 4 leaped on the gruesome death of the teenager Pamela Mastropietro to promote their anti-migrant message.

More than 600,000 mainly African migrants have reached Italy by boat over the past four years, and thousands have perished on the journey.

The suspect, Luca Traini, ran unsuccessfully with the anti-migrant Northern League party in a local election last year, and previously had been associated with the neo-fascist Forza Nuova and Casa Pound. The news agency ANSA quoted friends of his as saying that Traini had previously been affiliated with Italian extremist parties like the neo-fascist Forza Nuova and CasaPound.

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