Sold more than one Google Home device every second : Google

Nichole Vega
January 9, 2018

"We sold more than one Google Home device every second since Google Home Mini started shipping in October", Rishi Chandra, VP, Product Management, Google Home, said in a blog post on Friday.

Over the course of 2017, Google sold "tens of millions" of its devices for the home.

"When you need to round up the family in the morning, just say 'Ok Google, broadcast it's time for school!' and your message will broadcast to all Google Assistant-enabled speakers in your home", Alex Duong, Product Manager, Google Home, said in a blog post. They have been selling like insane and no one really knew at what rate until Google just let us know. This also saw the tech giant introduced its Assistant AI to more than 400m devices, including Google Home, Android phones and tablets, iPhones, headphones, TVs, watches, and more. However, it did not reveal the sales figures for the individual devices. The survey also suggests that sales of smart speakers will have reached the third of the population of major markets, such as China, India, the US, Brazil and Mexico by the end of the year. We've built a way to answer those questions: The GearBrain - a compatibility checker designed for Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant, displaying every smart device that works with either of the leading smart speaker assistants. "Your Assistant now gives you the power to voice control more than 1,500 compatible smart home devices from over 225 brands", the search engine added.

Amazon and Google are now vying to produce the best smart speakers and assistants in the hopg of dominating the booming market. If you find a device that works in your smart home - you can purchase the item through The GearBrain, to help make your buying experience easier.

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