Snapchat takes Stories outside the app

Nichole Vega
January 25, 2018

When someone clicks/taps on said link, they'll be taken to where they can watch the story, share it, control its playback, and also download the Snapchat app thanks to a conveniently placed button.

The feature was first reported to be on the way toward the end of previous year.

In a move that makes Snapchat look a bit more like Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube, the social platform will now let users share Stories outside of the app.

The addition of this new feature, part of a major redesign announced late a year ago, makes it possible for anyone - not just those who use the app - to see public stories on Snapchat's redesigned Discover tab. This merger would permit users to share their stories on the applications like Twitter and Facebook.

When you choose to share elsewhere, Snapchat provides a link to your Story on the web.

Snapchat has recently announced an update that will enable users to share select contents outside of the app.

The feature appears when you press and hold down on certain "tiles" in the Discover part of the app.

This is the first time that people who don't have Snapchat accounts can see Stories created on the platform (besides when looking at their friends' phones). Moreover, it will inform you who to block or report. Giving users tools to help identify who's harassing or potentially preying on them is the step in the right direction to curb creepy social media activity. "Search Stories are algorithmically generated so you can find Stories on just about anything on Snapchat". Snap says that, similar to the situation on mobile, Our Stories will be available on the web for up to 24 hours before disappearing.

It not only goes some way to address Snapchat's biggest issue - increasing reach beyond its 178-million users - but it creates a possible replacement for much missed app, Vine.

When sharing these links, you'll still have to keep their lifespan in mind.

Search Stories will be available outside of Snapchat for 30 days.

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