Paladins Joins Battle Royale Trend with 'Battlegrounds'

Nichole Vega
January 5, 2018

In this year's expo, Hi-Rez announced something we've reported on last year though for a different game.The studio has announced that Paladins Battle Royale mode is an actual thing, and it's called "Paladins Battlegrounds" which players will be getting for free! Notably, Paladins Battlegrounds will also be available to play solo.

Paladins is a free-to-play game for PS4, so it's well worth checking out!

Other than the class abilities and mounts (neither of which appear in PUBG), Paladins appears to be the latest game to be tempted by the growing genre. (PUBG finally hit Xbox One in December, but it's still in a fairly early, buggy state).

Paladins is the latest game to jump on the Battle Royale bandwagon along with Fortnite and with the increasing popularity of these type of games it'd come as no surprise if more titles this year made a decision to release a similar battle royale mode themselves. All of these updates will be available for PC on January 11th and for consoles on January 18th.

The mode follows the familiar formula of dropping 100 players onto a map with teams of players trying to survive the longest and become the ultimate winners.

An alpha of Paladins' Battlegrounds is playable at this week's Hi-Rez Expo, and the full release is expected later in 2018. You can check out the trailer video of it below, which also includes it's own unique map "Trade District".

Of course, players could not expect a major event to go by without mention of a new champion. Hi-Rez also sent off 2017 as a successful year for Paladins, releasing 14 champions, seven maps and two game modes in the 12-month timespan.

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