"LG Set To Reveal 88" 8K OLED TV At CES 2018

Lena Tucker
January 2, 2018

We're now seeing a growth 4K TVs and HDR content that is slowly but surely going mainstream.

In a world saturated with 1080p and 4K TVs, it can be hard to stand out from the crowd.

We saw 4K and HDR getting popular in 2017 and now as we enter 2018 LG is all set to launch world's first 8K OLED display at CES 2018. LG has teased the 88-inch 8K display and we will know more about it next week at CES.

While that's not the largest television you can buy, the upgrade to LG's (now paltry-looking) 77-inch 4K display is the first enormous OLED display with more than 33 million pixels to play with-perfect for all the 8K content you can access, which is none.

There have been larger 8K displays - going as high as 145-inch - but none using the OLED technology. Of course, it will take a while before 8K televisions become a standard.

Meanwhile, the details of the upcoming OLED display has not been revealed by the company, which means we still have to wait for CES, when this innovation will be officially showcased.

The QLED TV stands for Quantum Dot television sets, which are supposed to be brighter, more vibrant than regular OLED, though it comes with the sacrifice of contrast ratios, which is better on OLED displays.

Samsung is reportedly planning to unveil a Micro LED TV at the trade show.

Because OLED displays are self-emissive LG claims it has been able to achieve this without sacrificing brightness.

This new TV practically puts LG on top of the OLED display race, at least as far as big panels go. As Engadget notes, this new TV from the company has the biggest OLED display in the world with the highest resolution.

LG has on several occasions, stated that they have started pushing OLED panels on mobile phones as well. This not only includes televisions panels, but OLED panels for smartphones as well. We'll know what LG and Samsung, among others, have in store for us once CES 2018 kicks off starting January 9.

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