Julian Assange granted citizenship after living in Ecuadorean embassy for years

Katrina Barker
January 12, 2018

Quito said the country was seeking mediation to resolve the impasse, while Assange posted a picture of himself on Twitter wearing an Ecuadorian football shirt.

Earlier this week Ecuador's foreign ministry released a statement that read: "Julian Assange received global protection from the Ecuadorean government in August 2012".

Ecuador has confirmed the WikiLeaks founder was made a citizen on December 12 after he made a request in September.

The Minister of Foreign Affairs of Ecuador said that for now Assange is receiving medical attention, but stressed that "there are issues" that need more than home medical care.

The Wikileaks founder has been claiming political asylum at the Ecuadorean embassy in London since 2012. Sweden later dropped the case, but Assange remained ensconced in the embassy because he still faced arrest by British authorities for jumping bail.

"Ecuador is now exploring other solutions in dialogue with the United Kingdom, like good offices of renowned authorities, other states, or worldwide organizations that could facilitate a just, final and dignified solution for all parties", Ecuador's foreign minister Maria Fernanda Espinosa told a press conference.

Assange, 46, has previously expressed concern that if he leaves the Ecuadorian embassy in London he could end up being extradited to the USA, where he fears facing the death penalty over allegations of revealing government secrets through WikiLeaks.

A statement by Assange's legal team said: "The UN ruling, issued nearly two years ago, is crystal clear in its language". Internal documents revealed that relations between embassy staff and Ecuador's most famous asylee were fraught.

Assange also points out that he has no limitations under the UN Convention on the Status of Refugees (1951), under which Ecuador granted him asylum.

Assange has been living inside the Ecuadorian embassy in London since 2012, when he was accused of sexual assault in Sweden.

June 2013: After a year at the Embassy, Assange fears there are fresh moves being put in place to extradite him.

"WikiLeaks appears to beguile some people into transparency by convincing them that it is in their interest", Assange said, and a message encouraging Trump to reject the election as rigged was "to generate a transformative discussion about corrupt media, corrupt PACs and primary corruption".

Assange also fears he will be extradited to the USA if he leaves the building over a sealed indictment ordering his arrest.

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