Get vaccinated, wash hands often to prepare for flu season

Brandon Parsons
January 25, 2018

Good self-care including drinking lots of fluids, getting plenty of rest, and taking over-the-counter medications for relief of symptoms such as fever and congestion is all that is needed for most people in this group.

"We anticipate that it will increase a bit more which is why it's important to encourage people to get the flu shot if they haven't", said Joseph.

Even the MTA is using its message boards to remind New Yorkers to sneeze into their sleeves if they don't have a tissue handy.

KILMARNOCK-Although cases of flu have been confirmed locally, health officials here do not consider it an epidemic.

Doctors say the best way to prevent getting the flu is to frequently wash your hands. According to the CDC, thirty children have died due to influenza-related causes and adults, even healthy millennials, are vulnerable to this year's flu season. "It's a common illness that can spread quickly from person to person".

Past vaccination trends show that approximately 85% of children who died from influenza did not receive a flu vaccination, Brenda Fitzgerald, M.D., director of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), told Reuters.

If, however, you have symptoms of flu and are in a high-risk group such as young children, people 65 and older, or pregnant women, or are very sick or anxious about your illness, contact your health care provider (doctor, physician assistant, etc.). And if you've suffered from one strain, you're still susceptible to infection from another, says Dr. Bouvier.

"Greater New York Hospital Association staff are working closely with member hospitals and the Department of Health to ensure the necessary capacity to serve communities across New York as cases of influenza continue to rise statewide", said Kenneth E. Raske, President of the Greater New York Hospital Association. "It's still wise to get a vaccine".

According to the CDC, this year's flu season began earlier than anticipated and has most likely reached the peak of its danger. "These two types of dog flu are both from different species, but in H3N2, dogs can actually carry for up to 24 days".

Influenza is a contagious respiratory illness that is spread through the air and by direct contact with respiratory droplets.

The flu can be especially unsafe for people over the age of 65, pregnant women, young children and anyone with asthma, diabetes and some other chronic medical conditions. "But it's not too late to get one as flu season lasts until March". She says the complications resulting from the flu are more severe with this strain.

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