First Supermoon of the year tonight

Lena Tucker
January 2, 2018

It will be the biggest and brightest of the three supermoons set to appear in two months.

Thomas snapped this photo over Newquay on New Year's Day evening, showing the harbour bathed in moonlight.

When the moon hits its close point (perigee) in its orbit around Earth at the same time as the full moon, this is when a "Supermoon" will occur. When these events coincide (a full moon at perigee), some people refer to the event as a "supermoon".

In the United Kingdom, the peak point was just before 2.30am on Tuesday but we reckon it looked pretty impressive earlier in the evening! This will be the second full moon in a month, also called the Blue Moon.

Brian Sheen from the Roseland Observatory told Pirate FM that the second will be on the 31st of the month. The moon will be about 221,600 miles from the Earth tonight, which is about 500 miles closer than where the moon was (distance-wise) last month when we had our last full moon, and super moon. But experts agree that the best time to view the moon is right as it is over the horizon, because that's when it appears the largest. According to NASA, it will also feature a total lunar eclipse. While the USA won't be getting another look at a total solar eclipse until 2024, parts of the United States will get to see another rare eclipse in 2018 and they'll get to check it out this month.

With the total eclipse, it will be a royal spectacle indeed, a "super blue blood" moon, NASA said.

The moon will lose its brightness and take on an eerie, fainter-than-normal glow from the scant sunlight, giving it a reddish hue.

Besides another full moon on January 31, that moon will also be a Supermoon and a total lunar eclipse. The next supermoon will be on January 31.

Full moons on January 1 and 31 will be followed by full moons on March 1 and March 31.

There will be more than just fireworks lighting up the night sky for the new year.

D'Souza has asked all businesses located along the coastline, in close proximity to the water including beach shack owners and water sports operators to take safety measures in wake of the recurrence of the Supermoon.

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