Anthem delayed to 2019, new Battlefield coming in October

Lena Tucker
January 31, 2018

The official word of the "delay" was issued to the Wall Street Journal, though EA says reports of the delay itself are untrue as an official release date was never issued.

During EA's earnings call today, the publisher confirmed that the as-of-yet-untitled Battlefield due for this year will be released in October 2018, which isn't surprising given the game has maintained its release schedule for the past few years.

'It's not a delay, ' EA's finance chief Blake Jorgensen tells the WSJ.

Well, Wall Street Journal reporter Sarah E. Needleman confirmed the news after a conference call, and did so via a tweet. Anthem was supposed to hit in fall of 2018, though a specific release date was not specified. It has been a while since video game developers, BioWare, has released a new title, and fans should be pleased to know that the developers are hard at work to make sure that the game delivers everyone's expectations.

It seemed curious for a developer like BioWare to take on such a project, but it reflected EA's move away from limited, single-player experiences to continuous multiplayer games that can be heavily monetized through downloadable content and microtransactions. But this logic would hold more water if EA hadn't just done exactly that with Titanfall 2 and Battlefield 1 in October 2016. We want to hear from you! Additionally, many within BioWare worry that the continued existence of the company is reliant on Anthem's success, as EA has infamously shut down numerous well-established development teams in the past.

Facebook/AnthemGameA promotional poster for the upcoming online video game title from BioWare, 'Anthem'.

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