20 children dead from flu in U.S. this winter — CDC

Brandon Parsons
January 18, 2018

So far during the 2017-2018 flu season, the CDC has reported 20 pediatric deaths. Here's where you can get vaccinatedHospitals have reported a recent increase in the number of people visiting the emergency room.

"Even if you're like, 'Well, I'm pretty healthy".

And although CDC officials on Friday said the effectiveness of this season's flu vaccine is tracking at only about 30 percent, it still will boost your odds better than not getting one at all.

In addition, there have been more than 300 flu-related hospitalizations in Georgia.

Over 151 million doses of flu vaccine have been shipped nationwide, Fitzgerald said. Women who are pregnant and people with diabetes and other chronic illnesses are also particularly vulnerable.

The method for developing vaccinations, which are now manufactured using fertilized chicken eggs, explains why it's hard to match vaccinations to a particular season's strains: First, scientists must predict how the virus will change from one year to the next, then the vaccine needs to be manufactured, which can take six to nine months.

Hidalgo County and its Texas Vaccination for Children partners have already given out over 60,000 vaccines, not including private pharmacies and clinics. "Compared to this date a year ago we're seeing in some states more than twice as many flu victims".

Hughes still encourages residents to get a flu shot because it is not too late.

People should also practice preventive care, wash their hands often, cover their cough or sneeze with their arm not their hand and if they do get sick or get flu-like symptoms, stay home from work for at least 24 hours. "In reality, when we look in a couple of weeks and we look back, it may be a typical flu season like we have every year", said Dr. Fry. Elderly people with the flu who experience confusion or weakness likewise require medical attention.

The most common flu symptoms include fever, plus cough and or a sore throat.

If you feel as if you're having trouble breathing, or if your fever can't be controlled with medication such as Tylenol, check with your doctor. "Even if the vaccine isn't a ideal match, it can reduce the severity of illnesses and risk of death". The CDC recommends people get injectable flu shots. Typically, the flu season, which runs from October through May, reaches its height in February.

This led them to discover the elevated risks of death for people during the 2009 Swine flu who were born in 1957 during the H2N2 pandemic.

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