Ryanair shares trade lower as airline confirms Union recognition in writing

Randall Padilla
December 22, 2017

"Impact will now immediately start work to make union recognition in Ryanair a practical reality", it said in a statement, adding that the possibility of industrial action has "receded for the present".

Update 1.04pm: Strike action has been averted at Ryanair once again after the airline wrote to IMPACT setting out its plans to recognise the pilots' union.

VC said the dispute deepened after initial negotiations, scheduled for Wednesday, were cancelled at short notice over the presence of two members of its team.

IMPACT, an umbrella union which covers several industries in Ireland, said in a statement: "Ryanair management has confirmed in writing that it now recognises IMPACT as the representative of the airline's pilots for collective bargaining purposes, with immediate effect".

The Italian union Anpac said it planned to meet with Ryanair representatives in Rome in January. The German union's hardball move contrasts with solid progress in Ryanair's home country of Ireland, showing just how bumpy the path toward a deal remains.

Ryanair pilots in Germany are set to strike for four hours tomorrow, saying that all flights planned by German airports during the period will be affected.

"We very recently received correspondence from Ryanair in response to the meeting we held on Tuesday evening", he said.

"It'll be around security, terms of conditions of employment for our Ryanair pilots".

Impact official Ashley Connolly welcomed what she described as a "breakthrough".

The strike was suspended, and management met unions for the first time in the company's history earlier this week.

The low-priced carrier said it had sent a letter to Impact officials with proposals on pay and conditions and procedures for dealing with industrial relations disputes.

In Germany, Cockpit said it regretted the travel disruptions and urged passengers to contact Ryanair about the impact on flights.

Those were the first since Ryanair had offered on Friday to recognise trade unions, prompting the suspension of strike action planned over the busy festive period - when many travellers head overseas for Christmas and New Year celebrations.

Earlier on Thursday, the VC had sent a memo to its Ryanair pilots telling them to stay alert for a possible "call-for-strike" message on their phones later in the day.

It said its threat of industrial action had diminished for the time being.

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