YouTube App Causing Battery Drain On iOS 11

Nichole Vega
November 15, 2017

Mac Rumors was told by RAVPower (a maker of wireless chargers) that iOS 11.2 would be adding 7.5W support.

With the new software update iOS 11.2, Apple is planning to unlock faster wireless charging capabilities on the iPhone X, iPhone 8 and the iPhone 8 Plus.

The tech giant is set to release its own wireless charger in 2018, although iPhone owners can use third party products now to juice up their handsets. This will give users a small, but noticeable boost in charging speeds over current 5W charging levels. Apple promised faster charging sometime in the future which many took to mean after the launch of the AirPower Mat in 2018.

The smartphones, which can charge wirelessly with Qi-based accessories like the Belkin and Mophie pads, will be able to charge at 7.5 watts with iOS 11.2. On a non-7.5W charger, the same period of time only saw the phone charge from 46-percent to 60-percent.

Faster charging is pretty much always a plus, especially when it comes to wireless charging.

iOS 11.2 is in public beta right now, and usually a full release isn't far behind.

The Qi 1.2 standard is capable of up to 15W so iOS is only tapping 50 percent of the potential of the technology.

In addition, there's also the factor that wireless charging usually requires you to place your phone on a charging pad, making it impossible to use and charge at the same time (unless you want to hover over your phone like a weirdo).

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