Waze App Gains Support for Motorcycles, 'OK Waze' Voice Control, Carpool Lanes

Lena Tucker
November 30, 2017

Waze knows not all routes are equal when you're driving a motorcycle, which is why it now offers a motorcycle vehicle type.

In addition, the new Waze 4.33 update will see a new feature allowing drivers and motorcyclists to get to their destination with two simple words - "OK Waze".

Waze is an app that tends to get new features on the regular, but the update landing today is definitely worth paying a little more attention to. To activate Talk to Waze, just follow these steps: Settings Sound & voice Talk to Waze Shift Listen for "OK Waze" on.

"Whether you're riding with one passenger or more; in a hybrid, electric, or clean-fuel auto; with a special pass; or a combination of all of the above, Waze will determine your optimal route". Still, the Waze voice commands are in line with Google's own command, which is saying, "OK Google", for hands-free access to Google Assistant.

The "Talk to Waze" feature expands on the app's limited voice control capabilities, allowing users to verbally set their route, preview the navigation, send Waze's crowdsourced traffic reports, and add pit stops to their journey. "Major shoutout to our stellar Map Editor Community, who worked hard to bring HOV route support to life by adding the nuanced HOV info to the Waze Map".

The Waze voice commands certainly provide some much-needed information without having to actually touch a device. If you're driving a fuel-efficient auto, go to Settings, tap Navigation, and select Vehicle Type.

First up is motorcycle mode, a feature that has been frequently requested by users in the past and which will give riders tailored routes and arrival times based on their chosen mode of transport.

This feature is now available for English speakers in the US, UK, Canada, Australia, South Africa, Ireland, and New Zealand. Thanks to the work of many in the Map Editor Community, HOV route support is open to residents of 22 USA states, including California, Oregon, New York, New Jersey, Massachusetts, Georgia, Texas, and more.

If you're riding with several people in the vehicle, head to Settings, tap Navigation, tap Add Toll/HOV pass, and select from a list of HOV passes in your area.

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