US Border Patrol agent killed while on patrol in Texas

Katrina Barker
November 21, 2017

The Big Bend Sector, formerly known as the Marfa Sector, is 165,154 sq. miles composed of 77 Texas counties and all of the State of Oklahoma, and includes 510 miles of river front along the Rio Grande River, which is almost a quarter of the U.S. -Mexico border, according to U.S. Customs and Border Protection.

The agents had responded to "sensor activity" along the border, according to information in a new release from the Fraternal Order of Retired Border Patrol Agents. "I know people don't want to jump to conclusions and say stuff but the reality is but you hear the talk about individuals trying to get a better life and enter this country to get a better life but the reality is they will stop at nothing including killing a federal agent - including taking someone's life which is what happened".

Both the identity of Martinez's partner and the nature of the pair's injuries have remained unspecified by the agency. Although few details about the incident have been released, Brandon Judd, the president of the NBPC, told Fox News on Monday it appeared Martinez and the second agent were "ambushed" by a group of illegal immigrants.

Agent Rogelio Martinez and his partner were responding to unspecified "activity" while on patrol in Culberson County, which lies in the Big Bend Sector of the Texas border, when they were injured by either one or multiple suspects.

Authorities are scrambling to find whoever killed a Border Patrol agent and hope a $20,000 reward will help lead them to the assailant. Other agents arrived, provided medical care and took them to a hospital. No suspects are currently in custody as the FBI now investigates.

On Sunday, Trumped tweeted, "We will seek out and bring to justice those responsible". Martinez's partner is in serious condition. NBC News, citing a spokesman for the National Border Patrol Council labor union, reports Martinez was hit "several times in the head with a blunt object, possibly a large rock". His name wasn't released.

Border Patrol records show that Big Bend accounted for about 1 percent of the more than 61,000 apprehensions its agents made along the Southwest border between October 2016 and May 2017.

The region's mountains and the Rio Grande make it a hard area for people to cross illegally into the U.S. from Mexico.

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