Tesla is popping after its semi truck and roadster announcements (TSLA)

Lena Tucker
November 18, 2017

The U.S. electric vehicle producer Tesla unveiled its first electric truck late on Thursday at an event in Los Angeles.

Tesla revealed an all-new version of its Roadster sports vehicle that can go from a stop to 60 miles an hour in 1.9 seconds, a figure that would make it the fastest-accelerating production auto ever.

The Tesla Semi is a standard Class 8, the largest commonly used class of heavy-duty freight trucks.

Tesla hasn't released a price for the Semi, but the Roadster will cost at least $200,000 depending on the options chosen, the company says.

The Tesla Semi checks a lot of boxes in terms of addressing bottom line considerations, offering 500 miles of range to avoid too much compromise vs. diesel truck travel capability, and providing a way for a company to decrease its net Carbon dioxide emissions without having to undertake expensive endeavors like sponsoring the construction of renewable power plants. Pulling a fully load at 80,000 pounds, it would be 0 to 60 in 20 seconds.

Musk has said Tesla is also working on a pickup truck and a lower-cost SUV and negotiating a new factory in China.

Of course, the Model 3 loomed over it all.

Tesla says production for the new Semi should commence by 2019 in the US. Demand for electric trucks is expected to grow over the next decade as the U.S., Europe and China all tighten their emissions regulations.

The stock is up more than 4% after the event. Among them, Tesla claims its truck is better at climbing hills - able to retain speeds of 65 miles per hour on a five per cent gradient, while diesel versions can only reach 45 miles per hour.

The price tag on the semi truck is unknown for now. Those trucks can have a more limited range of 100 miles or less, which requires fewer expensive batteries. Right now, there's little charging infrastructure on global highways. "But charging can be a challenge and Tesla big rigs will cost far more than diesel trucks". The 500-mile version will be able to do round-trip runs on the vast majority of US freight routes, which are 250 miles or less, Musk said. It faces stiff competition from long-trusted brands like Daimler AG, which unveiled its own semi prototype last month.

Tesla's last debt sale in August was well received in a hot bond market, allowing the company to upsize the offering to $1.8 billion from $1.5 billion.

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