Microsoft Office Now Widely Available on Chromebooks

Nichole Vega
November 30, 2017

While most people are probably buying Chromebooks to use Google's suite of online services, having a fully-offline capable copy of Office is a handy thing to have in the tool chest.

Last year, Google released the capability to install Android apps in select Chromebooks.

Microsoft Office has been available on Google's Chromebook Pixel for a while now, but the arrival of the suite to all Chromebooks is a big move for Microsoft and a nod to the growing popularity of Google's lightweight laptops.

In 2016, Microsoft had said that it would make full Android versions of Microsoft Office apps available to all compatible devices when the Google Play Store for Chromebooks exited beta. It's the same catch that has always existed for Office users, as Microsoft classifies anything smaller than 10.1 as mobile, but it's still worth mentioning in case Chromebook enthusiasts were hoping to use Word on their 2-in-1 for free.

Microsoft Office Finally Arrives on Chromebooks Everywhere
Microsoft Office Now Widely Available on Chromebooks

Similar to the lack of information on when Microsoft Office for Chromebooks will be launched, Microsoft has apparently rolled out the software quietly. It then delivered on that promise when devices like Samsung's new Chromebook and, more recently, Google's flagship Pixelbook arrived. Some Chromebooks have worked flawlessly with Office apps for over a year.

Chrome Unboxed, upon learning of reports that Chromebooks have been able to run Microsoft Office apps, checked all the Chrome OS devices it owns. (A list of which select devices are able to run Google Play is available here).

That could be one reason why Microsoft isn't making a lot of noise about its Office Android apps now working on Chromebooks.

Chromebook users with larger screens can still get Microsoft Office 365, but will need a subscription to do it.

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