Google To Show Wait Times At Local Restaurants

Nichole Vega
November 8, 2017

The new feature expands on Google showing consumers looking to change their oil and get their hair cut how busy local businesses typically are.

Coming soon, Google Search and Google Maps will show estimated wait times for almost a million sit-down restaurants across the world, the company announced today.

For over a couple of years now, Google has been leveraging data from Google Maps' install base to deliver these sorts of insights. A chart in it lists the busiest times at the restaurant while another click shows an estimated wait at a specific time. Google predicts it will be able to offer these wait times for nearly a million restaurants worldwide when the update is completed.

With the addition, Google is at least partly challenging existing apps like NoWait, which is handy for seeing restaurant wait times.

Google says this feature will be rolled out to almost a million sit-down restaurants around the world.

When this functionality rolls out, you'll be able to use it by searching for the restaurant on Google, opening the business listing, and scrolling down to the "Popular Times" section. Technically, it's an add-on to a preexisting feature - the Popular Times tool that shows the busiest hours at businesses - but this tweak lets users plan better for dinner, since an excessive table wait definitely disrupts the day more than standing in an unusually long Uniqlo line. And up next, says Google: Grocery stores.

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