CR: iPhone X first test results

Nichole Vega
November 7, 2017

"Not only did the iPhone X's glass shatter when dropped on its front and back from a height of six feet", said SquareTrade, "but the display also malfunctioned".

In addition to the iPhone X's more limited availability at launch (20 cities' retail stores even sold out by Sunday), Localytics cautions that historical comparisons may not be the best way to analyze the new device's popularity.

Apple has published a new support document for the iPhone X that explains some of the benefits and risks associated with its new Super Retina display.

If hearing that the iPhone X's $279 out of warranty screen replacement, or worse, it $550 back glass replacement (yes, $550!) doesn't make you shudder at the thought of leaving your phone bare, then you should take a look at CNET who tested dropping the iPhone from different angles. Except that some tests from a third party claim that the device with a $1,000 entry point is the most breakable the company has produced. His latest victim: the iPhone X.

Side and Back Drop Tests: Remarkably, the side drop did the most internal damage to the phone. Meanwhile, the back drop completely shattered the back panel leaving loose shards of glass, making it hard to hold. While the screen and back panel did experience cracks, the biggest damage came from both Face ID and the new "home" swipe command failing.

Dunk Test: The iPhone X faired similar to the iPhone 8 and 8 Plus models, surviving 30 minutes under five feet of water with some audio muffling during playback.

Tumble Test:Sixty seconds in the Tumble Bot was no friend to the iPhone X either.

If in a case you get your iPhone X dropped from hand and the back panel got damaged then it will cost you around 300 bucks and for the front, it's $500 without any functional fix. The YouTuber puts each major smartphone release to the same scratch, burn and bend test as a means of controlling the results.

Of course, SquareTrade offers up insurance plans which are often cheaper than plans you may be able to get through your carrier.

So, the conclusion over this reveals that buying an iPhone would be easy for you.

Apple also notes that iPhone X users may see "slight shifts in color and hue", but says this phenomenon is normal behavior for OLED displays.

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