AC-130 Gunship Simulator screenshot apparently proves the U.S. works with ISIS

Katrina Barker
November 15, 2017

"The Russian Defense Ministry is investigating its civil service employee who erroneously attached wrong photo illustrations to its statement on interaction between the US-led global coalition and Islamic State militants near Abu Kamal, Syria", the ministry said.

Russia's Ministry of Defense ended up the target of derision after releasing an image it claimed to be "proof" that the USA military forces were working with supposed Islamic State soldiers.

Instead, it came from the smartphone game AC-130 Gunship Simulator: Special Ops Squadron.

Commenters picked up the fact that the Russian MOD published a video from a video game and subsequently mocked the mistake.

The photographs have been deleted after the fact-checking organisation Conflict Intelligence Team (CIT) accused the ministry of using a video game screenshot and old conflict photographs.

The original game footage, which was cropped in the ministry's post, included a red "FIRE" button in the bottom-right corner as well as a disclaimer in the top-right corner that read: "Development footage".

Earlier Tuesday, the MoD uploaded images on Facebook and Twitter, which it said were evidence that the U.S. were actually covering up Islamic State (IS, ISIS/ISIL) combat units.

In the posts - which have now been deleted - the Russian defense ministry claimed that the USA refused to engage ISIS convoys fleeing the city of Abu Kamal in Syria on November 9. This is a work in progress.

AFP was able to compare the images in the emailed defence ministry statement with the images of the videogame on YouTube and confirm the resemblance. The statement wasn't even fully cropped out of the images that Russian Federation tweeted.

Russia's defence ministry said not only did the Americans refuse to carry out a joint operation to strike Isis fighters leaving Abu Kamal but also allowed them to regroup on coalition-controlled territory.

USA military spokesman Colonel Ryan Dillon called the Russian statements a "barrage of lies", saying they were "as accurate as their air campaign".

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