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Nick Sanchez
October 9, 2017

Now that Fear The Walking Dead will be moving on from the Broke Jaw Ranch, the question is what is next for the survivors on AMC's zombie companion drama series and where they will go to find shelter from the undead as well as the elements. So we're not going to see, say, Nick Clark become a permanent character on The Walking Dead or anything. "There are two Walking Dead shows". Although both shows take place in completely different locations and feature different characters, The Walking Dead comic book creator Robert Kirkman confirmed that both TV worlds are going to collide in the future, Entertainment Weekly reports. Only one character from one show will crossover onto the other show. At this time, all that is now known is that one character will cross over between the two shows.

Kirkman stated we'll be hearing "more news on that front" soon, without specifying where or when.

After years of speculation as to whether or not it will actually happen, it looks like the Walking Dead - Fear the Walking Dead crossover finally will. If you bring someone from Fear the Walking Dead onto the other show it's hard to get them back since at present Walking Dead seems to be ahead in the timeline, especially if they do just forward at some point this season. That means we could see a younger version of a character like Jesus or even cross paths with a long-deceased Walking Dead character!

The Walking Dead returns with its Season 8 premiere on October 22, 2017 at 9PM EST on AMC.

What are you expecting from The Walking Dead/ Fear The Walking Dead crossover?

And if you're not anxious about the Clark kids, AMC's synopsis says that another character "fights for survival", which is always an encouraging phrase to hear. In early scripts for Season 1, Fear already included one original Walking Dead character in a key episode-so we're guessing the possible connections have been brewing in writers' heads since Day One.

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