Selena Gomez Reveals More Details About Her Life-Saving Kidney Transplant

Nick Sanchez
October 31, 2017

We didn't realize how grave her situation really was. "I didn't want to ask a single person in my life". Gomez was gravely ill, dealing with arthritis (her inability to open a water bottle doubled as Raisa's impetus to ask what was going on) and grappling with the fact that not one family member who had been tested for a possible kidney transplant was a match. But she was living with Raisa at the time, and one day, Gomez just broke down and told her everything. She chucked it and started crying. "I don't think what we went through was easy". The list is seven to 10 years long, ' and it just vomited out of me.

"I said, 'Of course I'll get tested!'."

As her best friend and roommate, Francia saw first-hand the pain Selena was in.

"I had arthritis", Gomez told Guthrie.

If you're up to date on recent Selena Gomez news, you'll know that she recently received a life-saving kidney from her friend Francia Raisa.

Gomez told Guthrie that she underwent an additional 6-hour surgery because her kidney "flipped".

"My teeth were like grinding, I was freaking out", Gomez explained. "I knew she hadn't been feeling well", the Grown-ish star shared.

The recovery process was tough. When they were on bedrest, they could only get out of bed and walk for an hour a day, and they weren't allowed to take stairs. Francia says she also got something out of it.

Gomez - who is now promoting her new single Wolves - explained her kidney transplant procedure to her 128m Instagram followers on 14 September with a shot of herself and Raisa holding hands side by side in hospital beds.

She revealed that her mom didn't even want to be at the hospital until she woke up. "She gave me the ultimate gift and sacrifice by donating her kidney to me".

Raisa saved her life, Gomez said. "I think one of the more humbling experiences was needing help to put on underwear. There are so many moments we have and things you do that I cherish and don't take for granted". "It was a really brutal process". "My lupus - there's about a three-to-five-percent chance it'll ever come back".

Gomez added with a laugh, "Well, you did a little peace sign, and then you went out".

"I went through heartbreak this year and you left the studio and drove out of your way to come see me and comfort me. I just hope this inspires people to feel good and to know that there is really good people in the world".

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