Instagram Stories mimics Polly with new polls

Lena Tucker
October 4, 2017

Today we're introducing an interactive poll sticker in Instagram Stories that lets you ask a question and see results from your friends and followers as they vote. This app adds sparkles to your Instagrams. Like all Instagram Stories, polls and results will disappear after 24 hours. Once you have a photo or video added to your story you can use the eye-dropper tool to the left of the color options to choose a color from that photo or video that you wish to use for your text.

They can indicate the center of the photo or video or alert you that where you chose to place the text or sticker is a spot that might get covered by whoever is viewing your story.

Instagram Stories now lets you write your questions and defaults the answers to Yes or No, even though you can edit those answers to whatever you want.

Last August, Instagram Stories was born, and over the previous year what may have at first seemed like a cheesy Snapchat clone has grown up to become an incredibly popular feature with its own weird quirks. Friends will see the results as soon as they answer, and you will find out who voted for what in your Stories view count page.

You'll also see two new tools to help make your stories even more creative: a color picker for text and brushes and an alignment tool for text and stickers. Select the tool (next to the color selection area) and the drawing tool will fill in the color to match whatever area of your photo you select.

These updates have been rolled out today as part of Instagram version 17. Then you can type away in that perfectly matching color.

To check out poll results, simply swipe up when viewing the story, and you'll see who voted and what they thought.

Second, there is a fresh alignment tool for text and stickers.

The alignment tool helps you visualize how stickers and text are positioned in your Story. This feature was available Tuesday for users on iOS devices but not those on Android devices.

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