Bungie Cancels Destiny 2's Trials For Two Weeks Because Of Glitches

Lena Tucker
October 21, 2017

Players can play its full campaign and Crucible multiplayer mode on October 24 (PC release date). PC players will also have access to Night Fall Strike in Normal, Prestige, and Guided Games mode.

The PC schedule is a bit more expedited compared to the console versions, but the Raid coming out one week after launch is staying the same.

Destiny 2's Trials of the Nine Crucible event typically starts at 6pm United Kingdom time every Friday. Then at the end of the week, the uber-competitive player-versus-player Trials of the Nine, where you can earn even more powerful weapons and gear. This hard mode for this particular raid will start on November 7. As a reminder, there's a four-hour-long maintenance session scheduled for today, probably to do some tweaking to get the servers ready for the PC version's arrival next week. And, seeing how the world's first team to beat the Leviathan Raid on Prestige won by exploiting a glitch, the pressure is on for Bungie. The developer recently updated what it's going to release for the first few weeks, starting with the first day of content, with more following.

With every weekly reset, you'll see a new challenge in a different raid encounter. They will let them know with an in-game message when they fail with information on what is at stake each week.

If you thought we'd nearly made it through the week without some form of Destiny 2 downtime, then sadly you were mistaken. Clan Redeem didn't use the glitch that caused the raid to be delayed, but they did use the coil glitch to get their kill.

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