Big W Have The SNES Classic Mini For Sale Online Right Now

Nichole Vega
October 1, 2017

After the incredible success of its miniature, remade NES console, Nintendo has released a follow-up; this time based on the much-loved Super Nintendo Entertainment System, or SNES for short. In June, it was reported that Nintendo was doubling their stock of the SNES Classic; in July, an apparent string of pre-order cancellations caused a great deal of confusion for people trying to buy the console.

Nintendo (OTCPK:NTDOY, OTCPK:NTDOF) SNES Classic Edition consoles sold out online and in many stores on its first day on shelves.

A year ago saw the release of the popular Pokémon Go and Super Mario Run games for mobile devices, along with the hybrid Switch console, which made its debut in April to mostly stellar reviews and high demand.

A hard down pour meant nothing to fans waiting in line for the Nintendo Super NES Classic video game system. (Supply issues aside.) One could easily see your parents using it to introduce their kids to the insane days of 16-bit gaming - or, of course, for anyone of a certain age to revisit their own childhood.

It's not an easy solution at all, but one Redditor acquired a ROM of Star Fox 2 running on an actual, authentic Super Nintendo. The Tracker in stock alerts are now also available on Twitter.

The game system comes with pre-loaded games like Super Mario, Donkey Kong, and more.

ThinkGeek - ThinkGeek started selling systems the morning of September 29 online, however, they soon tweeted that all of their systems had sold out. At midday Friday, many online retailers were already sold out.

The SNES Classic Releases Tomorrow and How Can You Get One
ThinkGeek will have the SNES Classic Edition available on September 29

It seems like Nintendo is having a pretty successful launch for the SNES Classic Edition. It is priced at $79.99 in the States.

As with the NES Classic launch, Nintendo hasn't been clear when more will be made available. You had to buy a second separately for the NES Classic Mini. But let's also say you decide that traditional wired controller is a little too true to the original SNES experience for your decidedly modern tastes.

SpongeFreak52 is right in that the SNES Classic is nearly identical in its hardware, while unlocking the limitation of 8-bit games in favour of 16-bit.

First off, Star Fox 2 has a website with a few pages instead, but all other manuals are reproduced nicely as digital PDFs.

Here's a taste of what Caroline and I experienced playing the Super NES Classic Edition. For many, it was the game that convinced them to buy a SNES over the rival Sega Mega Drive. The original Super Mario Kart still holds its own today as a party game guaranteed to cause a giggle or two.

A sideways-scrolling shooter/platformer of the highest quality.

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