Twitter Finally Brings "Night mode" theme to the Desktop

Randall Padilla
September 10, 2017

Well, Twitter's iOS and Android apps have offered the feature since previous year, but now, it's available on the desktop. The feature is off by default, and you have to manually go and turn the feature on.

Twitter has rolled out "Night Mode" for desktop app.

Twitter recently revamped its core app on desktop, Android, iOS as well as TweetDeck, and Twitter Lite to make it lighter, faster, and easier to use.

When you click on your profile picture, your profile screen will slide out.

The Twitter "night mode" is not black or grey in colour, instead it is a dark navy blue tone that is considered good for general legibility.

Firstly open it for iOS and tap your profile icon on the top menu to activate Night Mode on iOS devices and now tap the Night Mode icon to initiate it. Click that icon and a menu should become visible. To enable Night Mode on the desktop, click on your profile photo, then select Night Mode, which will appear as the last option, and has a crescent moon icon next to it. The Night Mode for its Web App has been in testing for some time now. As such, instead of the blue highlights found on the iOS client, the night mode will use whatever accent color you have chosen to highlight elements like buttons and notifications.

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