Thousands Evacuated From Their Homes Ahead Of Controlled Explosion

Randall Padilla
September 3, 2017

Around 60,000 people have been forced to leave their homes, and Frankfurt fire and police chiefs have warned than an uncontrolled explosion could be large enough to flatten a city block.

Bomb disposal experts defused an unexploded American World War II shell in the western German city of Koblenz on Saturday, as a massive evacuation began in neighbouring Frankfurt to clear an even bigger bomb.

Officials have ordered residents to evacuate homes within a 1.5-kilometer (nearly a mile) radius of the site in Germany's financial capital.

Construction workers found the 1.8-ton (4,000-pound) British bomb Tuesday. More than 100 patients in healthcare establishments, including newborn infants, have been evacuated, municipal councilor Markus Frank said.

Officials in Frankfurt said more than 60,000 residents will have to leave their homes by this evening, and will have to stay away for at least 12 hours. We will now assess if everybody has left voluntarily and go from house to house and remove people if necessary.

The brigade's director, Reinhard Ries, told reporters: "The scale of this bomb is overwhelming".

The city is also offering many activities to evacuees, with all public museums open and free of charge.

World War II may have ended over 70 years ago, but its legacy still lingers in cities across Germany.

The bombs were found last week at a building site, in what is the country's biggest evacuation since the war.

The massive bomb was discovered last week in a leafy suburb of the city; an area home to numerous city's wealthiest residents.

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