No-fly list comes into force; unruly passengers can face lifetime ban

Katrina Barker
September 10, 2017

The DGCA has revised the relevant sections of the Civil Aviation Requirement (CAR Section 3, Series M, Part Vl on "Handling of Unruly Passengers) to bring in a deterrent for passengers who engage in unruly behaviour on board aircrafts, which has been prepared in accordance with the provisions of Tokyo Convention 1963".

Announcing the rules, the Minister of State for Civil Aviation, Jayant Sinha, said that the motive behind this kind of list is to ensure the safety and security of passengers, which is the topmost priority for his ministry.

According to civil aviation secretary RN Choubey, if the unruly behaviour is of a very gross nature then the ban may be extended for life as well. The Civil Aviation Ministry said the revised auto would also be applicable to foreign carriers subject to compliance of Tokyo Convention 1963.

A draft of the proposed no-fly list was floated in May with the ministry holding internal discussions to define a "boundary" crossing which an unruly passenger would be put in the list. Unruly and ill-mannered passengers can now be banned from flying for a period ranging from three months to lifetime by airline operators.

All domestic flights and worldwide flights that flight over India are bound to follow it as per the rules of the Tokyo Convention, 1963. This panel should decide the matter in 30 days and till such time, airline can impose ban on passenger from flying for 30 days.

Level 1: Unruly behavior (verbal)- It could lead to a ban up to 3 months.

Level 2- Physically abusive behaviour specified as - pushing, kicking, hitting, inappropriate touching will garner a ban on flying up to six months.

Centre's no-fly list to check misbehaviour could be a double-edged sword
No-fly list comes into force; unruly passengers can face lifetime ban

Life-threatening: This is the last and the most serious of offences, which includes physical violence like choking, damage to aircraft system, assault leading to attempt to murder, eye gouging, attempted or actual breach of flight crew compartment.

As per the rules, the complaint of unruly behaviour would need to be filed by the pilot-in-command and these will be probed by an internal committee to be set up by the airline. The committee will include a representative each from different airline and passenger associations or consumer forums.

Civil Aviation Minister Ashok Gajapathi Raju tweeted about this development and said that it will be released on September 8, Friday.

Should a person repeat an offense, the airline will have the right to double the period of ban.

The no-flying list will be provided by the the airline and will be maintained by the DGCA.

He said that the government has established a mechanism to hear the appeal; if any, of aggrieved passengers. During the period, the airlines may restrict the passenger from flying for a maximum period of 30 days.

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