Federal Bureau of Investigation statistics show crime decreasing in Springfield

Nichole Vega
September 27, 2017

For the fifth year in a row, San Diego had the lowest murder rate among the country's 10 largest cities, at 3.6 killings per 100,000 people, according to Federal Bureau of Investigation data released Monday.

Violent crimes are considered to be murder, nonnegligent manslaughter, rape, robbery and aggravated assault.

In a news release containing Sessions' statement, the Justice Department said that the information released Monday "reaffirms that the worrying violent crime increase that began in 2015 after many years of decline was not an isolated incident".

There were about 16,500 homicides across the country in 2016 - an increase of 1,278 year-over-year - but those make up just 1 percent of the 1.2 million violent crimes reported. Violence increased 3.9 percent in 2015, while killings jumped by more than 10 percent in America. The 2016 report adjusted and corrected the 2015 violent crime rate to 3.3%, up from the initially reported 3.1%. San Jose also saw an increase in murders, rape and aggravated assault.

The numbers confirm that almost every type of violent crime increased, with 47 more rapes, 35 more robberies, 179 more aggravated assaults, 330 more larcenies and 112 more motor vehicle thefts reported in 2016.

The Bay Area's figures reveal some contours of a region undergoing great transformation, while continuing to grapple with deep-rooted crime problems.

The FBI's 2016 tally includes several high-profile killings - including as the Pulse nightclub shooting in Orlando, where 49 people were killed, and the Dallas ambush, when a lone gunman killed 5 police officers protecting protesters downtown. There were 7,710 motor vehicle thefts reported in 2016 - an nearly 50 percent increase over the year before.

President Trump in his inaugural speech described American massacre In US cities whereas Attorney General Jeff Sessions said earlier that he was perturbed about the expansion in crime was the starting of a trend.

The increases in violent crime were seen across much of the country, with cities large and small reporting rises.

Ronal Serpas, chairman of Law Enforcement Leaders and the former superintendent of the New Orleans Police Department, said while the 2016 upticks should be addressed, preliminary data from 2017 indicates that crime is back on the decline. The FBI reports that there were 21 murders in 2016 and 41 murders in 2015 in Horry County.

In Middletown, both violent and property crime increased.

Ask anyone in Albuquerque about crime and they'll say it's on the rise.

The FBI's 2016 numbers, he said, "are not inconsistent with that".

Local Humboldt County agencies listed above reported that property crime rose 9.8 percent in 2016 from the year before, while falling 10.2 percent in 2015 from the previous year.

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