Destiny games going offline today for first weekly reset

Nichole Vega
September 14, 2017

Bungie has announced that Destiny 2's servers will be undergoing live maintenance later today, meaning the game will be offline for a few hours. The work will include early maintenance, as well as swapping over certain weekly events, as detailed in the game's first month roadmap.

The four-hour window might be a setback to the most dedicated players. It all depends on your base level and a combination of the gear that you can equip, so there are lot of variables in play here.

Luke Smith, Director on Destiny 2, shared that the raid will have a Light Power bracket of around 260-280, which seems pretty obtainable (if you're not already there). However, players have been anxiously awaiting the Destiny 2 Leviathan Raid which Bungie chose to launch a week after its release. Only time will tell if this means that it'll be less challenging as well.

Not even out a week and Bungie has quickly addressed a problem with an item in Destiny 2 that had unintentional similarities with a hate symbol. He's also available over on Twitter, so go take a look! "Past 260 Power, most upgrades will come from weekly activities like Flashpoints, Nightfalls, Call To Arms, Raids, Trials, and Clan rewards", the developers said. Players with Power levels below the recommended range of Raids will receive penalties that will make completing them near impossible. Bungie suggests that all players involved close the game and restart it.

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